Feed My Starving Children

Check the sign in the entryway for current dates and times available.  or, call Mary Ann or Bill Novotny if you are interested – 651-457-2333



If you are interested in Neighbors and want to learn more about this wonderful organization contact Mary Holzmer

Eucharist for the Sick and Home Bound

Please call Margaret Demco 651-450-1918 if you are willing to bring Communion to the sick and homebound for either a short or long term basis.


Project Home

For the month of July, every year, So. St. Paul serves Project Home.  This is a year round organization that provides temporary shelter for the overflow homeless of St. Paul.  Different churches, synagogues, mosques, groups, in greater St. Paul, provide for the homeless.  First Presbyterian of So. St. Paul sets up the bedrooms, and the organization provides the foods.  We take one week of commitment. This year it is July 12 evening through July 19 breakfast.  We come at  5:00 every evening.  Set up the light foods for that day, greet the bus around 5:30, and then enjoy the company of these families.  There are toys, basketball outside, as well as foods.  A representative of P. H. comes the start of each evening to make sure supplies and our guests are all ready.  Then we spend the evening with the families.  Around 8:30 P. M.  the evening crew leaves.  By that time the two overnight volunteers have arrived.  9:00 is lights out in the community room and kitchen, as guests settle in their bedrooms.  Our volunteers spend the night, set up a light breakfast, knock on doors at 6 A.M., and provide breakfast, before the bus comes to take our guests back downtown around 6:45.  We do a quick cleanup and leave by 7:15 A. M. We welcome families with children to volunteer.  This project truly shows our parish spirit of non-judging and welcoming–and we have a lot of fun!!

Contact Mary Ann Novotny 651-457-2333 if interested or have any question.