Saint John Vianney is a vibrant and forward-looking parish in South St. Paul, MN

Parishioners come forward and work together to achieve a common goal, as evidenced by so many parishioners being involved in various spiritual and temporal ministries.

Office Hours: 

Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Meet Our Staff

Parish Information

Fr. Antony Skaria 651-451-1863
Parish Phone Number 651-451-1863
Parish Fax Number 651-451-1864
Parish Website
Deacon Scott Wright 651-646-3991 Deacon – in the office on Tuesday mornings
Parish office 651-451-1863
Patrick Dold 651-451-1863 pat@sjvssp.ort
Director of Religious Ed
Jill Vjuovich-Laabs 651-248-2300
Kent Trkla 651-500-3414

Ministries and Committees

Adoration Mary Kaliszewski 651-451-3563
Baptism/RCIA Deacon Scott Wright 651-646-3991
Blood Drive Myrt Milner 651-451-0502
Coffee & Donuts Nancy Schneider 651-450-2021
Community Care/Life Deb Luskey 651-451-9934
Crafters Carol Lokhorst 651-455-1890
Decorations Marge Willer 651-335-8119
Eucharistic Ministers Need Volunteers
Feed My Starving Children MaryAnn Novotny 651-457-2333
Fish Fry Dennis McGrath 651-450-4982
Funeral Luncheons Barb Reichstadt 651-455-8823
Girl Scouts Nicole Scheiber 651-451-3504
Gift Bearers Need Volunteer
Greeters Mary Kaliszewski 651-451-3563
Knights of Columbus Ken Schult 651-455-2516
Lectors Kristi Lusky 651-270-6658
Musician/Organist Lori Lencowski 651-457-4501
Neighbors Inc. Mary Holzmer 651-455-6778
Parish Apostolate Mike Smeby 651-453-1846
Parish Trustee Tom Boser 651-455-4502
Laura Kosmicki 651-306-1478
Pig Roast/Feast Day Tom Boser 651-455-4502
Prayer Group Barb Tinucci 651-451-8329
Project Home MaryAnn Novotny 651-457-2333
Reduce & Reuse Sale Joyce Athmann 651-451-1183
Ushers Ken Schult 651-455-2516
Volunteer Coordinator Doris Bringgold 651-451-1645

Pastoral Council Members

Doris Bringold 651-451-1645
Jerry DeZelar 651-451-7992
Joe Kaliszewski 651-451-3218
Deb Lusky 651-451-9934
Paul Ramos
Gayle Wallace 651-450-0044

Finance Committtee Members

Bill Arend 651-455-6518
Bill Filler 651-451-6948
LouAnn Goossens 651-451-2273
Tom Klein
Carrie Podgorski
Pat Dold 651-451-1863