The Christian funeral liturgy celebrates that life is changed, not ended. Funerals are an act of faith. Catholics celebrate the funeral rites to offer praise and thanksgiving to God for the gift of life, which has now been returned to God, the author of life.

The Church offers three rites or services: the Vigil, the Funeral Mass or service, and the committal (burial). Each one is an integral part of the journey for the deceased, family, friends and the parish community.


It is wise to consider planning for a funeral in advance of the need. We have made a Funeral Planning Guide to use as a resource.  If you are interested in knowing more about your options and resources for making your choices, please Contact Us or call 651-451-1863 for more information.

At the time of death, please call the parish office at 651-451-1863 to make the necessary arrangements for the day and time of the service. Our office coordinator will schedule a time to meet with the family to plan the services. Arrangements for a luncheon or reception after the service will be made during this planning time. Mother Teresa Room in the Parish Life Center is ordinarily the location for the luncheon.


Would you like to serve in the funeral ministry?